"Accelerating Growth In Emerging Markets."


Simply stated, our goal is to leverage traditional business relationships while applying US ethics, compliance standards, and to seek out and win opportunities - which call for the experience and desirability of US companies. GSI identifies, and then upon award of a contract, mobilizes the most competent and productive team members to meet the requirements of the contract.

Our basic operational tenet provides for the establishment of teaming agreements and partnerships with leading local and US companies that have specific operational expertise pertinent to the particular endeavor, with GSI providing the primary program and financial management functions.

GSI is far more than a "Consulting Company." We provide area expertise and work closely with clients to open new avenues in these dynamic and emerging markets. But more importantly, our true value lies in our execution model. Our team becomes the physical extension of your company in the region. We travel the region and live in the market; we meet with the customers - listening to their requirements, shaping the solution, and locating funding when required; and we source the best local companies for project implementation - thereby reducing exorbitant expatriate overhead, while stimulating local economies.

Through relationships, we can support business development for companies wishing to operate in Central Asia (Inda, Pakistan, Afghanistan), Syria, North Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

We stand ready to meet with you at your earliest convenience to further discuss how the GSI team can support expansion into these lucrative growth markets.

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